An alternative way to feed Antler Chews

An alternative way to feed Antler Chews

Antlers are perfectly natural treats for dogs. In nature, wolves use the bones of their prey, hard bark from trees, and antlers found when roaming through the forest. Antlers act as a fantastic way to release endorphins to provide a sense of calming that relaxes your dog.

Due to a vast variety of flavored treats, antlers can seem a little less exciting and inviting than some of the more popular and cheaper treats that are packed full of derivatives, low quality ingredients, artificially additives, sugar potentially dangerous protein sources. These treats may suffer from a lack of quality but have a huge appeal to dogs due to the strong smell they give off.

At Farm Food we don’t compromise our ingredients. Our antler chews Antlers are ethically sourced and sustainable, we collect them in European forests, and after a thorough quality control process, they are brushed and cut to the highest standard possible. We’ve come up with a way your dog can enjoy a natural antler chew, while having all the flavour of a popular treats.

You’ll need the following items: 1 stock cube (beef or chicken), access to hot water, a bowel or jug, and a Farm Food Antler Chew.

Step one: Add some hot water into a bowl or jug that is deep enough to submerge the antler chew

Step two: Mix in half a stock cube into the water

Step three: Add the antler chew into the bowl for at least 2 hours (leave over night for best results)

Step four: take the chew out of the bowl and give it to your dog

You can check out our video here to see how we did it, and what the verdict was.

Have you tried our fan favourite method yet? If your dog likes chewing on antlers this could be a new frim favourite way to eat their antler treat.
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