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Farm Food Antlers

Dogs naturally have a great need to chew on something. They do this because this is the only way they can keep their teeth clean in a natural way. In nature, after a meal, wolves and other dog-like animals chew the skin and bones of their prey. Endorphins are also produced during chewing in the brain, these endorphins provide a sense of peace that makes your dog relax. In our domestic dogs, it is best to replace the "skin and bones of prey" with pure Farm Food chew bones such as Antlers or Rawhide.

What are Farm Food Antlers?

Farm Food Antlers ® are the antlers of male deer. Each spring they lose their antlers, after mating, which will then start growing again. Our antlers are collected in European forests, and after a quality control brushed and cut. Because Farm Food Antlers are purely natural products, they can still have a slight earthy smell and they all differ in colour, weight, shape and thickness.