Collection: Fresh Menu

Farm Food Fresh (soft steamed Food)

Farm Food Fresh menu for dogs is a complete and gently steamed fresh meat menu for all dod breeds from pup to senior. The animal ingredients in Farm Food Fresh Menu come from E.U. animals approved for human consumption. Farm Food Fresh Menu is beef and contains no chicken or other poultry. Farm Food Fresh Menu is on the basis of pure beef, beef tripe and beef heart and supplemented with Scottish Salmon oil, minerals, organic vitamins and trace elements. Farm Food Fresh Menu contains no bone and therefore guarantees a controlled calcium/phosphorus proportion.

Farm Food Fresh Menu is a complete meal for dogs.

It therefore goes without saying that Farm Food Fresh Menu is extremely suitable as a daily meal for your dog no matter what age or breed as it contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. There is no need to supplement.

Suitable for all-life-stages as a daily food or additional food.