Are Antlers Ok for dogs?

Are Antlers Ok for dogs?

Dogs naturally have a strong need to chew on something. They do this because it is one of the best ways to keep their teeth clean, it relieves teething pain & stress, mild anxiety, keeps them busy, strengthens their jaw, and helps entertain them by passing time. 

Antlers are perfectly natural treats for dogs. In nature, wolves use the bones of their prey, hard bark from trees, and antlers found when roaming through the forest. Antlers act as a fantastic way to release endorphins to provide a sense of calming that relaxes your dog.

What are Farm Food Antlers?

Farm Food Antlers are the antlers of male deer. Each spring they lose their antlers after mating, which will then naturally start growing again. Farm Food Antlers are ethically sourced and sustainable, we collect them in European forests, and after a thorough quality control process, they are brushed and cut to the highest standard possible. Farm Food Antlers are purely natural products, they can still have a slight earthy smell and they all differ in colour, weight, shape, and thickness. A great addition to any dogs chewing habits.

Are Farm Food Antlers Safe?

Yes. They do not splinter like sticks or bones, and they are not sharp and jagged thanks to our brushing process. Farm Food antlers are put through a rigorously controlled process to ensure the highest safety standards are being met. You do however still need to keep an eye on your pooch when consuming the chew, just like you would with any other toy or treat. If the chew becomes smaller enough to swallow, remove it and put it in the bin.

Why buy Farm Food Antler Chews?

We know where all our antlers come from and the quality each product has. They are 100% pure, sustainable, and a true product of nature. There are no additives, no artificial antioxidants, colours, or preservatives. They are rich in minerals, do not splint or shatter, we only use A class antlers that put through a thorough quality-controlled process, brushed, cut and sent out to customers.

What life stage are Farm Food Antlers for?

Whatever the age breed or size of the dog, Farm Food has you covered. We have all kinds of antlers cut to the perfect size to fit the bite force for your dog. From XX-Large and jumbo antler for those large breeds of dog that really need the extra durability to small antlers for the breeds that need something tough but tame to fit their jaw size. Our antlers are long lasting and challenging, even for a dog with a powerful jaw.

Why feed Farm Food Antler Chews for Dogs?

  • Natural nutrients: Antlers are packed full of calcium to help promote healthy teeth and bones
  • Healthy alternative: A hardness just like nylon, but with a better texture, taste, and it’s healthier
  • Sustainable & ethical: Purely natural products which are collected from the ground of European forests
  • Dogs can’t get enough!


Better than traditional chews or hide.

Chews have been a long-time stable part of any dog’s oral hygiene. Traditionally people used to give dogs bones, sticks or offal like ears or trotters as chews. Some people give their dogs rawhide for gnawing, as they come in many convenient forms of rolls, sticks, bones, and braids, however rawhide has been under the looking glass due to the poor quality of product being imported from China and the problems it can cause dogs (Farm Food pure cream white hide uses a different process to ensure our premium chews are safe learn more here). These types of treats can get caught in a dog’s throat, and even be fatal if not properly monitored.

Antlers are the better choice to old ‘traditional’ chews that have not aged well and are considered outdated. Antlers last a long time, saving you money on chew toys for powerful chewers; and they appeal to our sense of what is “natural” for our dogs. They are also a safe, dependable, and irresistible. The pieces that scrape off the antler are fine for your dog to swallow, they are in fact an integral part of a dogs nutrition. These scrapes are easily digestible and are packed full of minerals, rich in calcium, phosphorus and, unlike many other dog treats, contain no calories.


Controls the chewing urge.

Dogs have a strong desire and need to chew. Unfortunately, they are not always the best at picking the right things to chew. This is where we come in. Keep your sofa safe with Farm Food Antlers, they are hard enough to withstand the force of another deer’s antlers in the wild and can definitely clench your dog’s chewing habits. We have a range of different styles to suit your dogs’ size and jaw strength, we even have fallow antlers which come from red deer, they are a different shape, they are flatter and thinner and have a larger surface area to suit senior dogs (suitable for all ages).

How long do Farm Food Antlers Last?

The average lifespan of a Farm Food Antler can be from six months to a year. That being said, this will depend on the size and cut of the antler, the hardness of the core, and how aggressive of a chewer your dog is. Once the Antler is down to a swallowable size, it is important that you throw it away, just like with any others kind of chew.


Have you tried Antler chews for your dog? If you agree or disagree with any points, we have made in this blog let us know in the comments below.

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