The Truth about Farm Food Rawhide

The Truth about Farm Food Rawhide

The Truth about Farm Food Rawhide

A clean, pure and safe treats made from rawhide for dogs

Farm Food Rawhide - The best rawhide chews for dogs

No Glue Subcutaneous Tissue Not stretched or inflated
Clean & Safe Easily Digested Hide is from free-range cattle

Farm Food only use the finest and purest hide possible. The pure cream-white rawhide is sourced from the inner layer tissue of a cow, which is then cleaned and cut into the product we use in our premium chews.

No bleach colouring or fake hide

Natural cream-white rawhide

The subcutaneous tissue that we use for our rawhide has a natural cream-white colour and is not bleached. We do, however, use low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (less than 3%) to kill any lingering bacteria. This concentration is not hazardous and is washed away with water as part of the production process.

Stay away from harmful unknown sourced rawhide

We’re regularly asked ‘are rawhide chews bad for dogs?’, ‘does rawhide dissolve in the stomach?’, and ‘what can I give my dog instead of rawhide?’. Unlike some overseas brands we use 100% pure rawhide, which means no harmful substances are used during the entire production process. 

 Say no to unsafe rawhide for dogs

Other overseas brands ‘rawhide’ contains little amounts of actual rawhide which do use substances that could be harmful for your dog. These are often easily identified by the colour and texture of the chew (a beige and glue-like substance), ensure your dog doesn’t settle for inadequate fake rawhide products.

 Comparison between good farm food rawhide and bad overseas rawhide

Natural cream in colour Dyed to hide discolouration
Made from subcutaneous tissue Made from leather hide 
Zero glue used Reports of glue used
Hide is from free-range cattle Unknown sources of cattle
Produced in a clean, safe manner Chemical preservation used
Fully digestible May cause upset
Not stretched or inflated May be stretched or inflated

The tasty, healthy and natural toothbrush for your dog

Dogs naturally like to test the world and their environment by chewing on things. It’s a way to discover new objects, entertain themselves and keep their teeth clean while doing so. Our white Rawhide Chews are tasty, fun, natural and perfectly safe for all breeds of dogs.
Suitable for dogs over 4 months old.

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