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In 1982, because of his knowledge and experience in the area of animal nutrition in general (both within the Netherlands and elsewhere), Gerrit de Weerd became involved in the development of a dog food that was to serve as a neutral test food in research into the quality of the various makes of dog food that were then on the market A pressed pellet was developed on the basis of Dutch beef which is fit for human consumption, without any additives such as colourings, aromas, antioxidants etc.

The starting point was that the food needed to be suitable for dogs of all ages and conditions. In so doing the simple fact was referred back to that in the wild all members of the dog family, from puppy to senior, eat as much as they need of the same food source , based on the prey that is available at the time.

Farm Food is, and always has been, a family business. In the beginning it was run for several years by Gerrit de Weerd and his wife, with the help of their two sons, then still at school. Over the years the business has kept expanding, with more staff.
The starting point for Farm Food was 'Farm Food HE Classic', a food suitable for dogs of all ages and conditions.  Since then, more items have been added to our range, including the Fresh Menu products, rawhide and most recently, Antlers.
Everything we do is for the well-being of our pets.